Christian Devotional – December 23, 2012

Leviticus 9:23–Moses and Aaron went into the tent of meeting. When they came out and blessed the people, the glory of the Lord appeared to all the people.

When we are made right with God, when our sins are forgiven and we are restored, God’s glory shines through and is seen by all the people around. We become a beacon for the glory of God for others. Moses and Aaron had just finished offering the sacrifices God required to pay the penalty for their sins. At that moment, they were able to display the glory of God. That sacrifice was only a temporary sacrifice that would have to be repeated over and over again in order to be made right with God and display His glory. The sacrifice of Jesus was a perfect sacrifice and through Him, we are able to display God’s glory to others at all times. Are we surrendered to God and is His glory on display through our lives for all to see?

Father, I have accepted Your perfect sacrifice, but I do not always live my life surrendered to You on a moment by moment basis. How many people to I come into contact with that don’t see Your glory in my life? I confess my sins to You and I desire that Your glory will be on display through my life so that all may see and be turned to You.

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