Christian Devotional – February 9, 2016

Read John chapter 3


John 3:30–“He must become greater; I must become less”


John the Baptist’s followers have come to him to find out why everyone is now following this Jesus. John explains that he was simply there to prepare the way and now that Jesus, the Messiah, has come, it is time for everyone to follow Him, not follow John. John’s response here indicates that he understands that Jesus is great and therefore, must be seen as greater in every area. He’s not jealous, he understands that God is worthy of this and he wants people to see John less and less and instead look to Jesus. Is that our attitude. As we go through the day, do we want people to see us or do we want people to see Jesus in us? Jesus must become greater and we must become less.


Father, this is my prayer, that You will become greater and greater in my life and that I may become less and less. Thank You for all that You have done and provided so that You may be seen in and through my life. Help me to continue to point people to You so that when they look at me, they see You.

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