Christian Devotional – January 10, 2019

Joseph’s brothers were nervous. Actually, they were downright terrified. Joseph had been so nice and cool about the huge wrong they had done him. But, was he just waiting until Jacob died to see about getting revenge? Well, now that Jacob has died, what is Joseph going to do with them? Read Genesis 50:14-21.

But Joseph said to them, “Do not be afraid, for am I in God’s place?
Genesis 50:19 NASB

Joseph understood what many of us are still learning and that is about who is actually in charge of judging others. And it’s not us. We can hold people accountable for their actions, but God is the one who ultimately judges.

Are we willing to allow God to judge the people in our lives that have wronged us? If we were given the opportunity to do what Joseph could do, would we have acted out of vengence, or love?

It takes a lot of spiritual maturity to get to that place in our walk with Christ, yet that is exactly what Jesus would have us do. After all, he died to provide a way to God’s grace and mercy without compromising God’s holiness.

Turn our quest for vengeance over to God and allow Him to work through them.

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