Christian Devotional – July 12, 2015

Read 1 Samuel chapter 6


1 Samuel 6:20–And the people of Beth Shemesh asked, “Who can stand in the presence of the Lord, this holy God? To whom will the ark go up from here?”


The Philistines got so sick and tied of God’s ark that they gave it back to Israel and it came to the town of Beth Shemesh. While there, the people rejoiced, but some of them were disobedient and looked into the ark. Since it was considered the place of God’s presence, they were not allowed to do that because they were not holy and those people were killed. We must remember that even in the midst of rejoicing, God is still a God of holiness and there is never an occasion where we can be disobedient. Are we being obedient to everything God has given us or are we rationalizing a way to excuse our disobedience?


Father, Your Word is Holy and I will come to You and seek Your help to be obedient in all that I do. Keep me focused on You so that I may be pleasing in Your sight and not compromising of what I know is Your truth.

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