Christian Devotional – March 10, 2017

As you read through Ezekiel chapter 25, we find that much of the contents here are very similar to the first two chapters in Amos. God is explaining his plans for judgment on the countries that surround Israel and Judah. It’s not just Israel and Judah that are falling away from the Lord, it’s all these other countries as well. God explains they are not without sin and as a result they will not be without judgement either.

God will judge the people who have sinned. As Believers in Jesus Christ and as his followers, we may not understand God’s timing for judgement and we may not always agree with it, but it doesn’t change the fact that God still is Holy and will judge the people who do not acknowledge his holiness. Do we follow Jesus Christ and always seek after his Holiness daily? This is what is expected of us as we follow and seek to be obedient to Jesus Christ.

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