Christian Devotional – March 13, 2017

As God continues speaking in Ezekiel chapter 26, we see him pronouncing judgment on the country of Tyre. These people have fallen away from God and are doing things that are displeasing and dishonouring to God. As God goes through and explains what his judgment is going to look like, we see the common theme again that God is using this as an opportunity to display his glory and to bring people who are witnesses of this events back to himself.

When we see things that happen to other people, do we see them as a warning and as an opportunity to praise and glorify God? Do we rejoice in the defeat or Judgment of others? Or do we instead rejoice in the sovereignty and power of God? Whether we agreed with someone or not, whether we are for someone or not, it makes no difference. All that we see should bring us back to a place or we are glorifying the Holiness, the power, the Majesty, the righteousness of God. What are we glorifying God for today?

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