Christian Devotional – March 26, 2017

We are Watchmen. In Ezekiel chapter 33, God goes through and explains the responsibilities of a Watchman. When someone sets up a Watchman, that person is responsible for keeping watch and then warning people of danger to come. What people choose to do with the warning, is up to them. However, if the Watchman does not warn the people of danger that is approaching, then the Watchman is the one who is responsible.

God has set us up as Watchman. We know the truth, we have experienced the truth through Jesus Christ and we are responsible for sharing the warning with everyone else. The other people are responsible for how they respond to the warning and we have no say in that. However, we are responsible for telling them and for sharing the message that God has given us to the people. Are we fulfilling our responsibility is Watchmen? Are we ensuring that everyone knows what’s coming and the judgement that God is bringing on people so that they have every opportunity to be ready? That is our responsibility and we will be held accountable to that.

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