Christian Devotional – March 8, 2017

The Book of Ezekiel is known for its many graphic images throughout the book to give examples of God’s judgment on his people. Ezekiel chapter 23 is no different. As you read through the description of the Two Sisters and all the sin that they have both committed, God compares them to the cities of Samaria and Jerusalem and likens what the sisters are doing to what the two cities have done. We read through the chapter, it can be very difficult to think about all the things that have been done and how God has been cast aside.

Yet, so often that’s exactly how we treat God throughout our day. We don’t think about him, we think about all the other things that we spend our time chasing. We chase after power, we chase after love, we chase after our own ambitious desires. God reminds the people that there are punishments and judgment that will be coming for chasing after anything besides him.

What do we value, and what are we chasing? Only God is worth chasing, no matter what else we think may please us.

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