Christian Devotional – May 29, 2015

Read Psalm chapter 129


Psalm 129:2–They have greatly oppressed me from my youth, but they have not gained victory over me.


Israel here is speaking about all the enemies that they have faced and that have come against them. They have indeed been greatly oppressed throughout their history. However, they were never defeated. Because we belong to Jesus, we will also experience great oppression and difficulty in our lives, however, we are not defeated. Jesus Christ is victorious and through Him, we will also experience victory. We don’t have to feel oppressed as we remember the truth of our victory in Christ.


Father, You are victorious and I will place my hope in You. I may experience oppression and difficulties of many types in my life, but I will not be defeated. I give You my life so that You may be victorious in it through me.

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