Christian Devotional – October 2, 2012

Ezra 4:13–Now let it be known to the king that if that city is rebuilt and the walls are finished, they will not pay tribute, custom or toll, and it will damage the revenue of the kings.

This may come as a surprise (or not), but not everyone want us to be successful following God. In fact, you may have seen many times where the more focused on being obedient to God you are, the greater and more intense the attack. In Ezra’s day, their enemies didn’t want them to finish their work, so they sent his letter to the king to get him to order them to stop. It worked for a time, but ultimately God’s purpose was fulfilled and the work was done. We should recognize that we will go through attacks while we are being obedient to God, but we should never become distracted by their lies.

Lord, no matter the attack or lies, I will stay focused on Your work and all that You have for me to do. You are greater than everything, even the lies and attacks of the enemy.

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