Christian Devotional – September 13, 2015

Read Zechariah chapter 14


Zechariah 14:9–The Lord will be king over the whole earth. On that day there will be one Lord, and his name the only name.


God is the King over the whole earth and there is nothing that will change that. However, there will come a day when He will be visible the King over the whole earth so that none can deny His power and His authority. When that day comes, there will be no other who can possibly stand and claim any authority. There is only the Lord. As we go through today, are we living like God is already the king over our whole life?


Father, just because I can’t see You, doesn’t mean You aren’t there. And just because the whole earth seems to be in chaos doesn’t mean that things are not under Your authority. You are the Holy Living God and I will praise You today and live my life today under Your authority because I am under Your authority.

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