Devotional – January 21, 2012

Job 5:8–“But as for me, I would seek God, and I would place my cause before God.”

Eliphaz continues speaking. He tells Job that in the midst of everything Job’s gone through, Job should seek out God and share everything with Him. This is true for us as well. Even when we are going through the most difficult and trying times, we can know that God is there and He is wanting us to seek Him out and share with Him, even when we’re angry with Him. God created us. He knows our emotions and He knows how we feel; be honest with God and share with Him, especially during the difficulties.

Father, there are times I don’t understand or like the things You are allowing me to go through. I can get angry and upset. I give You all of this, knowing that You know my emotions already. Help me to trust You in the midst of my anger and to wait on You even when I am frustrated and don’t understand.

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