Devotional – January 29, 2012

Job 13:15–Though He slay me, I will hope in Him. Nevertheless, I will argue my ways before Him.

Job will hope in God regardless of what God will do to Him. Even if God takes Job’s life, Job will hope in God. Do we have that level of commitment to what God has for us. It does mention that Job will continue to argue his ways before God. God is big enough to handle our questions. If we come to Him honestly, committed to Him no matter what, yet earnestly seeking Him and His will, God understands that we often have questions. God doesn’t promise to always answer all of our questions, but He does promise that He is worthy of our hope and our trust. Do we hope and trust in Him no matter what?

Lord, I love You, and no matter what You have for me, I will serve You. I thank You that You understand my need to be able to ask You questions, even if I don’t always get the answers. I praise You for being part of all things.

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