Devotional – March 21, 2012

Nahum 1:7–The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble, and He knows those who take refuge in Him.

Three things we learn about God in this passage. First, He is good. Regardless of what happens, we can rest knowing that God is good. Second, He is a stronghold, a fortress that can withstand any trouble or difficulty that we go through. Finally, when we take refuge in Him, He doesn’t just protect us, He knows us. He knows our thoughts, our desires, our innermost being. We can trust God, knowing that He is good, He withstands trouble, and He knows us more completely that we know ourselves.

Lord, You are good and strong and have an intimate knowledge of me. I pray that today You will help me trust You more for all that You are and all that You’ve done for me.

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