Production Diary – The Decay Within, Part 5 – Cover Design

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well, I’m now beginning the search for a picture that will be worth a little over 24,000 words!

That’s right, after two and a half months of writing and rewriting and reviewing and reading, I’ve finalized the content for The Decay Within. It comes in at a little over 24,000 words, which is a nice size for a ten session Bible study. I have so much to thank my editor Lindsey for. She was fabulous to work with and had some great ideas and input!

Now comes the time when we get to put a visual image with the words that have been so carefully chosen. This month will be spent working with my graphic designer Kenna Davis

In surveys that I’ve seen, the book cover is one of the single most given reasons for why someone even picks up a book in the first place. In this day and time of shopping for books on the internet, it is increasingly important as that little thumbnail picture on the screen may be all you have to hook someone into clicking on it to find out more.

Kenna and I will chat about the book, her thoughts, my thoughts, etc in the next couple of days and then she gets to doodle around with the ideas for a couple of weeks. In the middle of the month, she will meet with the design team and show them her ideas for the book. Then, she will be sending me some ideas to look through as we get closer to the end of the month. By the time October thirty-first gets here, the book should have a new face!

Now, of course, keep watching. I will be sending out the design ideas to see what your thoughts are on your favorites!

In the meantime, crank up the creative juices and lets find that 24,000-word picture!

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