Article – Are you Fruitful…or Fruity?

I am the Sunday Devotional writer for the Sisters in Cahoots blog. This is a wonderful group of ladies and I highly enjoy all their articles. Today, I’m starting a series over the Fruit of the Spirit. I encourage you to check it out! Click on the link below to be taken to the full article!

Have you ever wondered if a fruit tree can refuse to make fruit?

I’ve wondered that sometimes as I look at the lovely trees that create the wonderful fruit I enjoy eating. Now certainly, there are times when the weather gets too cold and freezes and the trees don’t produce fruit. Or, if they don’t get enough water, then they won’t be able to produce fruit. But I’m talking about a fruit tree that has all its needs met and all the resources at hand, but just simply decides that it doesn’t want to produce fruit.

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