Book Review

Book Review – Forever Loved by Darlene Shortridge

Synopsis from Amazon:

“I do believe God can forgive him. I really do. I’m just not sure I can.”

Ryan’s revelation shocks Rachel to the core. Are the foundations of a three-cord marriage strong enough to handle even the worst deception? Even when two are willing to give up?

Rachel suspects Ryan’s betrayal, but when she finds out the truth, her life is torn upside down and inside out. Ryan hides his past, fearful that when it catches up to him, it will destroy him and everything he has worked to build.

When the past finally meets the present, both Ryan and Rachel are lost in a world of confusion, pain and misery. Knowing God can and will forgive every repentant heart doesn’t ensure that they are capable of doing the same.

Is forgiveness a feeling or an act of obedience? Will God give them the strength to do the impossible?

My Review:

Darlene Shortridge’s novels take a decidedly and unapologetically Christian perspective in dealing with the issues that people experience in real life. “Forever Loved” is certainly no exception. This story introduces us to Pastor Ryan Bradley and his wife Rachel. After just a couple wrong choices, they find their lives spiraling out of control and find themselves questioning everything they have ever believed in. This story is a perfect picture of how giving in to sin in our lives compounds and compounds until we reach a point where we look up and wonder where God is and what happened. However, just as poignant is the description of how God can intervene through others and prayer to pick up the pieces of shattered lives if we will only turn to Him and surrender our lives to His perfect will.

Sin in our lives is not pretty and there are parts of this book where that is so evident. However, as Darlene clearly shows, there is always hope. The characters in this story are realistic and well developed. The plot line continues to move throughout the book to keep the reader turning pages. I know that readers will be blessed and have their faith strengthened as they read of God’s unfailing love in “Forever Loved.”