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Book Review – Janie’s Unbelieveable Journey, volume 2 by Janie Wilkins

Janie's Unbelievable Journey: Inspirational Letters Vol 2

Some people go through life with an abundance of excitement and energy surrounding them and some people just create their own excitement and energy. Janie Wilkins has a little bit of both. In her book “Janie’s Unbelievable Journey: Volume 2,” Janie shares stories and letters that have been sent to her or by her throughout various points in her life. Janie has experienced many things in her 80+ years and she is open and honest throughout this book sharing the lessons and experiences that she learned along the way.

This book has lots of information in it and gives a multitude of stories, as a memoir should. I did have a little bit of trouble keeping track of the many people that Janie’s life has touched. However, I did appreciate that she grouped much of the book first by the person she was referring to, and then went from more of a chronological order. That helped to keep track of the various characters. I should also note that I’ve not read volume 1 where perhaps the characters are introduced in more detail. Overall, as a memoir, I felt the book accomplished it’s purpose and gives readers more than a glimpse into what has truly been a very interesting and impactful life.

For more information on Janie’s Unbelievable Journey, visit her website or the Tate Publishing Page


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