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Book Review – Second Chance and Third Time Around by Karina Harris

Third Time AroundSecond Chance

Over the past 5 years of their lives, Jaden, Quinn, and Avalin Summers have lived believing that their parents were killed in a plane crash. Now, with new information provided by Special Agent Ian Martin, they realize that may have all been a lie. “Second Chance” by Karina Harris is the story of how the siblings learn their parents were working as undercover agents and that they may have survived and fled to Portugal. Avalin and Quinn, along with Special Agent Martin begin to follow the clues that will help them uncover the truth about what happened and possibly even unite them with their parents again.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The action scenes kept the book moving and there were twists and turns throughout with the plot line that kept me guessing. The romance that develops between Avalin and Ian Martin adds depth to the characters and makes for a fun addition to the story line. The book is well written and Karina has done a great job providing an interesting, page-turning read.

After I finished reading the first book by Karina Harris, “Second Chances,” I was really looking forward to starting the sequel, “Third time Around.” This book certainly didn’t disappoint. Older brother Quinn Summers resumes his travels for his job and he is paired with a beautiful female Irish journalist who takes an instant dislike to Quinn. When her life is threatened, Quinn find himself in an unexpected circumstance trying to help her.

Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I read through this page-turner in one sitting and I found the characters interesting and the story line full of twists and turns and the inevitable unlikely romance that develops. Karina’s writing style flows well from scene to scene and she does a great job keeping the reader engaged throughout the story. I look forward to future books and highly recommend both books!

Learn more about Karina Harris by visiting her website. Also Karina is the Thursday contributor on the Sisters in Cahoots page. Check her out!!

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