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Book Review – Sleigh Ride by Katie Crabapple

In this second book in the series, Millie’s friend Charlotte agrees to come out from Boston to help Millie as she prepares to give birth to her first child. A young farmer, James, in the area agrees to pay for her trip with the understanding that he will be able to court her when she arrives. Still, winter in Minnesota in the 1880s is a difficult place and Charlotte soon realizes that there is much more work to do as a farmer’s wife as she watches her friend Millie struggle with her work load. Charlotte must decide if she is going to be able to trust God to provide for her here on the farm or if she will run back to the safety of the city of Boston.

This sequel to “Mail Order Millie” is continuation of the story and really helps the characters work through the issue of trusting God with our circumstances. We can never predict what God is going to allow to happen, and this story does a wonderful job of working with the characters to really confront this issue and decide how to address it. This is a novella, so it is a quick read, but I felt that the characters were a little lacking in this book and could have been explored a little deeper. Overall, it is a quick story with a great message and application.

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