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Book Review – The Best of Us by Ursula Gorman

The Best of Us (Wayne Brothers)

Action, adventure, romance, and of course murder. These are the ingredients for Ursula Gorman’s newest thriller, “The Best of Us.” Carly had a crush on Daniel Wayne as long as she had known him, but to him he was always his little sister Jenna’s best friend. After many years apart pursuing their own individual dreams, they’re thrown back together following Jenna’s tragic murder.

Ursula crafts an exciting story with several twists and turns in the plot. She adds in the character Detective Stone from her first book “Old Acquaintences” (which is also fabulous!!) to help piece together the clues and work to bring the killer to justice, before he strikes again!

Ursula’s writing style is smooth and fluid, while being descriptive. The reader gets a clear sense of the people involved and I felt their interactions were believable and realistic. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this book in one setting and I love the fact that Ursula indicates that this book is the start of a series that will highlight all three of the Wayne brothers.

Thanks Ursula for the opportunity to read your book! You can find out more about “The Best of Us” on Amazon and also her website.

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