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Book Review – Wounded Heroes Book Three: Betrayal by Anne Patrick

The third book in the Wounded Heroes series by Anne Patrick is titles Betrayal. Sergeant Drew Presley is just back from the front lines of Iraq and is now ready to track down the murderer who killed his wife, Nora, eighteen months ago. He had come back for the funeral, but had chosen to finish out his service before returning, trusting in the local police to do their job. Now, since no arrests have been made and no progress has been apparent on the case, he’s going to figure it out himself.

However, the close-knit residents of Dauphine Island in Maine aren’t willing to give up their secrets easily. Drew’s son Reed has been staying on the island with Drew’s in-laws and with the their help and the help of his teacher Trudy, one of Nora’s best friends, has been trying to cope with losing his mother and now with getting reacquainted with his father who is back from the Army. In a town where everyone seems to know everyone and people are willing to hide other people’s secrets, how can Drew hope to uncover the murderer before they strike again?

The plot line of this book was, in my opinion, the best of the three books in the Wounded Heroes series so far (there are two other books due out later this year and early next year). I loved how they wove in characters and sub-plot lines from the first two books and expanded upon them. The book was really interesting as Drew learns to rediscover his relationship with God and he finally learns the truth about what happened to his wife and tries to keep himself and his son safe. I certainly give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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