Christian Devotional – April 15, 2021

Corinthians, Day 4

Imitate me. Those seem like amazingly bold words that Paul speaks here, but are there really? Read 1 Corinthians 4.

As Paul speaks here, we see him explaining more about the attitude of following Christ. Paul is sharing with the people the importance of following him every single day and then Paul issues this amazingly bold statement. Paul tells them that if they will follow and imitate Paul then by doing so, they will be following and imitating Christ.

Could we make such a bold statement ourselves? Discipleship is not about perfection but it is about progress. Are we progressing down the path to be more and more like Jesus Christ every day? By the interactions that we have will people see and be able to follow Christ more clearly. Are we imitating Christ ourselves? If others were to imitate us would they be more like Christ?