Christian Devotional – April 24, 2021

Corinthians, Day 13

We don’t have the complete picture. Read 1 Corinthians 13.

This chapter is so famously referred to as being love chapter. And rightfully so, so many pieces about love are explained in detail here and we get a fully complete picture of what it means to truly love. Part of truly loving is knowing and understanding someone.

God loves us in a way that we cannot fathom or understand. As a result, God fully knows us completely, wholly, in every way. We don’t have to wonder about whether or not God understands what we are going through or if God understands what we feel. There is absolutely no one ever who will understand us as fully and completely as God doesn’t. He made us. He understands us. As we love other people, we have the incredible opportunity to know and fully be known by that person. Do we allow God to love us and recognize that he knows us? Do we seek to know other people so that we can love them as well?