Christian Devotional – April 27, 2022

The Next Steps, Day 10

Apologies for the delay. We had some technical difficulties and will get caught back up.

Peter’s strange dream. As we read through Acts 10, we see that Peter had an incredible dream that takes him down a path he had not expected, the path of preaching to the Gentiles.

Reading through this chapter, we come to understand that God’s message is for everyone. No matter the background or history, God wants to reach out and share the message with all. As we see Peter, he didn’t realize that and he had to be shown how important that principle is. As we continue, we see that Peter preaches the same message to the Gentiles as he does to the Jews. God provided Jesus for the salvation from sins.

Are we sharing the same message to everyone? Do we make sure we are giving everyone the opportunity to accept Jesus?