Christian Devotional – April 7, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 97

How can we support our churches? Christ addresses 7 churches in the final letter in the Bible. Each of these churches have things they are doing well and areas of opportunity. Read revelation 2-3.

In the first church, we see Christ reminding them to not leave their first love. When we think about the Christian life and the dedication and commitment that we have to doing the things that Christ would have us to do, it’s easy to start off very excited and yet fall away after a time. The Christian life is difficult. Following Christ is not easy and yet it is the most rewarding life we could ever possibly imagine. The difficulty lies when we fall into a rut and become complacent and just float through life day-by-day.

Are we clinging to that which we loved at first? Do we still have that same passion and fervor and zeal that we had when we first asked Christ into our heart? Yes, we know more now than we did then. Yes, we have experienced greater hardships now than we did then. However, do we continue to follow Christ and seek him above anything else?

Our faith in Christ is something that we can continue to experience each and every day. Because God’s mercy is new every morning, our excitement and our joy can be refreshed every single day. Are we cleaning to that which we have first loved?

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