Christian Devotional – August 10, 2014

Read Lamentations chapter 1


Lamentations 1:14–My sins have been bound into a yoke; by his hands they were woven together. They have been hung on my neck, and the Lord has sapped my strength. He has given me into the hands of those I cannot withstand.


When we choose to be unrepentant, our wrongs and sins end up binding us so that we are trapped by the consequences of what we have done. The Lord is true to get our attention so that we will look to Him and repent. We cannot withstand the weight of our sin; we weren’t meant to. The Lord is the only one who can bear the burden our sin has created. Will we bring the burden to Him and repent?


Father, You love me and You desire that I turn my burdens over to You. My sin weighs me down and keeps me from being able to move. I will trust You to lead me and lift me up and I bring everything to you.

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