Christian Devotional – August 11, 2020

Double Portion – #33

God fulfills his word. As we saw yesterday, God had Elisha give an unusual order. Today, we see that order fulfilled and all the ramifications of it. Because of the length, I’m not going to copy the entire passage here, but it’s well worth reading. Read 2 Kings 9:4-37. We’re going to focus on verse 13.

Then they hurried and each man took his garment and placed it under him on the bare steps, and blew the trumpet, saying, “Jehu is king!”
2 Kings 9:13 NASB

After the servant did what Elisha commanded him, all the people followed Jehu. They recognized the authority of God and the power of the man of God who had given that command and they in turn began to worship the new king.

God is powerful. God’s words are powerful. Whether we completely understand it or not, when we are following God and speaking the words that God has given us to say, there is power in that and God will work and move through that. Are we following God and are we speaking his words to other people? Only his words are what gives power.

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