Christian Devotional – August 13, 2014

Read Lamentations chapter 4


Lamentations 4:12–The kings of the earth did not believe, nor any of the peoples of the world, that enemies and foes could enter the gates of Jerusalem.


The people and the leaders were arrogant and believed they were too good or too powerful to be overthrown. They thought they didn’t have to worry about anything like that. However, that’s usually when God allows something to happen. When we are trusting in ourselves and our own might, we are not trusting in God. Have we become arrogant, thinking we can do things on our own? The Lord will find ways to remind us that He alone is in control.


Father, You are my source of strength; I will trust and rely on You and not myself. Thank You for all that You do for me. I will give You the credit and the praise You deserve.

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