Christian Devotional – August 20, 2013


Jeremiah 52:13–He set fire to the temple of the Lord, the royal palace and all the houses of Jerusalem. Every important building he burned down.


Finally, the destruction Jeremiah had warned them about happened. The Babylonians came and destroyed everything that the people valued. God allowed it because He wanted the people to understand that there are consequences for their actions and that they can’t trust in things because they can be destroyed. We can trust in God because He never fails. He is all that we need, but if we trust in other things, God will actually show us that they can be destroyed so that we will turn back to Him.


Father, I will trust in You and only You. I will not trust in my job or my house or my family or myself to provide for me or to be my security. I will trust only in You because everything else can be stripped away. Only You will never be take away from me and I will cling desperately to You.

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