Christian Devotional – August 27, 2014

Read 3 John


3 John 13–I have much to write to you, but I do not want to do so with pen and ink.


In today’s world it is so easy to send an email or text and think that takes care of everything. We use written words to communicate a lot of things. However, even back in this day and time, John recognized the need for personal connection. How much time do we spend face to face or voice to voice with others? We can create such strong connections with people if we will take the time to actually call or meet with others. Do we show people we value them by being willing to meet with them or are we only spending impersonal emails? God wants to meet personally with us. Take the time today to share God’s love and encouragement with someoneĀ in person.


Father, we have become so reliant on impersonal means of communication with others, but You are a very personal God who desires deep connection with people. I pray you will give me opportunity to connect with someone today beyond just an email or text. I know You desire personal connection and so do I.