Christian Devotional – August 6, 2022

Teaching and Training, Day 25

Have a firm foundation. These next several verses in 2 Timothy really discuss the importance of knowing and staying firm in the word of God. Read 2 Timothy 2:14-19.

Holding fast to the word of God is the key to everything in the Christian life. Our obedience and our focus must stay on God’s word. As we can see in these verses, that hasn’t always been the case. Timothy was dealing with some people who had lost sight of the foundational truths that were in God’s word. As a result, chaos and difficulty was running rampant through the church.

At the end of the day, the focus and the foundation for everything that we do in the Christian life must be the word God. Are we focusing entirely on God’s word? Do we love God’s word so much that we spend time in it and know it and understand it? God’s word cannot be foundational in our life if we do not know it. How can we dig deeper into God’s word today?

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