Christian Devotional – February 1, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 32

“We want a king.” The Israelite people decided they needed an actual, flesh-and-blood king to lead them instead of listening to and relying on God. Read 1 Samuel 8-10.

Samuel was upset by this, but God reminded him that the people weren’t rejecting Samuel, but God. When we think about the rulers and governments that we have, do we seek people who are Godly and follow God first? Do we desire to truly follow God first and then follow leaders second? If God were our king, would we follow or rebel?

When we look at our leaders, we have a responsibility to try to help Godly, Christian people get into leadership and pray for them. In areas where we don’t have any say over leadership, we have a responsibility to pray for the leaders that God will work and move through them. Are we praying for our leaders?

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