Christian Devotional – February 25, 2023

The God who Hears, Day 55

What is our sacrifice to God worth to us? Read 2 Samuel chapter 24.

As we close out this study over the books of Samuel, we have seen so many ways in which God hears us. The life of David and the life of Samuel are examples of God moving and working through our lives as we listen and obey him.

This last chapter spells out something that David did wrong and something that David did right. Interestingly, David tried to find his sense of power and might through the number of people that he had. God reminded him that he is the power that David has, not the number of men he has. After that, we see David wanting to make a sacrifice to the Lord. David recognizes that when you sacrifice to God to bring honor and praise and glory to him, it needs to be an actual sacrifice. There must be something that we are giving up. David wanted to sacrifice to the Lord, but he wasn’t willing to do that unless it was an actual sacrifice for him. He needed to feel the cost. As a result, he chose to pay for the field in which he was making the sacrifice.

When we think of all that God hears us doing, what has that cost us? What are we willing for it to cost? Do we recognize that God is worthy of everything we have and as a result, our praise to him should be a sacrifice of everything that we are. Romans 12:1 reminds us that we are to be living sacrifices to God. Everything that we are belongs to him. Are we giving him control of everything that is his?