Christian Devotional – February 28, 2024

Psalm and Praise, Day 58

The world has a judge. Read Psalm chapter 58.

As we read this chapter, we see justice that is delivered out to the world from God. The writer has felt wronged and he now has the opportunity to see God work and move. Ultimately, God is the judge of the world. God has every right to judge his creation and to hold them to the standards that he has set.

When we consider ourselves, we realize that we are not any better than any others. Still, with all the evil in the world, it is very reassuring to realize that God will make things right. God recognizes the wrongs in this world and while they may not be judged immediately, they will be judged. Are we waiting on God to judge people instead of judging them ourselves? Are we focused on how we can continue to obey God and follow him more completely today?