Christian Devotional – February 7, 2023

The God who Hears, Day 37

Doing the right thing the wrong way… it’s still sin. Read 2 Samuel chapter 6.

David decides that here is going to move the ark of God to be with him in his house. However, he doesn’t follow the instructions on the correct way to move it. As a result, someone is killed when he does something wrong.

Doing the wrong thing, even when it is with good intentions, is still sin and still worthy of the judgment of God. Doing the right thing, but going about it the wrong way is still sin that is deserving of judgment.

Anything that is not following God’s commands is sin. While we’re can talk about the love and mercy of God all day long, we have to continue to acknowledge the holiness of God. He is worthy of reverence and respect. If we’re do not respect his commands, we are deserving of judgement, plain and simple.

Do we respect the commands of God and seek to keep them? Do we recognize just how sinful we all are? Good is holy and worthy of our respect in every situation.