Christian Devotional – Feburary 21, 2023

The God who Hears, Day 51

Deadlines and responsibilities. Read 2 Samuel chapter 20.

King David had given Amasa a responsibility. He’d also given him a time frame. People were moving against David, and he found himself in another difficult situation. God was going to save him, but Amasa wasn’t following through on his responsibilities in the time frame that he’d been given. Every as a result, it ended up with Amasa being killed.

No matter what God gives us to do, obedience includes the timing. Obedience should happen immediately and we should follow through on the deadlines that we have been given or that we have committed to.

What are some ways that we are to be obedient to God? What is the time line for that obedience and are we following through on our obedience immediately?