Christian Devotional – January 11, 2022

The Essential Jesus, Day 11

The blood of the lamb. As we read through day 11 of The Essential reading plan from, we find ourselves in Exodus chapter 12, verses 1 through 30. Reading this account of the original Passover reminds us of the importance of the blood of the lamb. The blood of the lamb was what separated those who were in need of salvation from judgment. Instead of receiving judgment, they were saved.

This is a direct foreshadow of why Jesus is so essential to all of us. All of us are in need of salvation and his blood as the sacrifice on the cross is what stands between us and judgment. When we accept his sacrifice, we accept salvation. When we reject his sacrifice, we accept judgment. There are no other options. Do we accept the sacrifice of the lamb? Do we allow him to stand in between us and judgment?

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