Christian Devotional – January 13, 2022

The Essential Jesus, Day 13

Does God answer your prayers? Are answers what you expect? For the people of Israel, God answered their prayer, but not in the way they expected. Looking at Day 13 of the Essential Jesus reading plan on we read Numbers 21:4-9.

They sinned, God allowed judgment to fall. The people repented and prayed that God would remove the snakes. God did provide deliverance, but not the way they expected. The snakes remained, but God provided a way to be saved.

When we are facing God and repenting, or when we are asking for God to deliver us, God doesn’t always give us what we expect. The people thought that the snakes were going away, but they didn’t. Instead, God provided a way to be saved from the snakes. When we are facing challenges, God may not answer exactly the same way we are expecting. God provides us the answers that we need.

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