Christian Devotional – January 15, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 15

It’s not really us. We think we have some much control and we think we influence so much, but really, it is God who is working and moving to impact and direct everything. Read Genesis 45 – 46:6.

As Joseph reveals himself to his brothers, he had legitimate reason to be angry and upset with his brothers. Instead, Joseph tells them that it wasn’t his fault and it was ultimately part of God’s plan.

We need to get to the place where we see everything that happens to us as part of God’s bigger plan. God keeps us exactly where he wants us to be so that we can fulfill His purpose and bring Him glory. We are kidding ourselves if we think that God is moving to bring us glory. God knows exactly how we can best be used and exactly what is needed to share His message in every situation.

Are we seeking after God plan and his glory? Are we willing to accept His plan even when it may mean our personal destruction? Whatever God wants and however it brings God glory must be our prayer.

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