Christian Devotional – January 16, 2016

Read Genesis chapter 32


Genesis 32:26–Then the man said, “Let me go for it is daybreak.” Bu Jacob replied, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”


Jacob had wrestled all night. He was tired, worn out, and exhausted both physically and mentally from worry and anxiety about his brother. Yet, he refused to give up or give in. Even when the man from God stated he had to leave, Jacob refused to let him go until the man blessed him. We go through plenty of our share of struggles and worries. We face lots of opportunities to give up and give in each and every day. Do we stand strong in the midst of these challenges? Are we like Jacob and refuse to back down, even requesting that God bless us as we go through these challenges? God is willing to bless us; in fact, He wants to bless us. But, sometimes we need to show that we are going to understand where that blessing comes from and we need to ask Him for it, even in the darkest times in our lives.


Father, I will praise You in the good times and I will praise You in the tough times. You have made me tenacious to hold on even when things get tough, so I will cling to You and not let You go. I pray that You will bless me as I hang on to You for You are the only thing that I have.