Christian Devotional – January 23, 2019

Temptation. It’s actually a very personal thing. While there are certainly things that tempt all if us, the degree that we feel the pull to stop following God depends on us. Read James 1:13-15.

But each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lust.
James 1:14 NASB

Let’s be very clear about temptation. God does not tempt us; the Bible makes that very clear. We are tempted by our own lusts and personal desires. This is why temptation is so personal. It is a direct attack on the weaknesses that we have. Satan knows the doubts and the inconsistencies and the internal struggles that we are experiencing. He knows the longings and desires that we have and he uses them to his advantage to be able to tempt us. That also why some people struggle more with some temptations than others.

The other truth about temptation is that it is not sin. Being tempted can lead to sin, but until we decide to act on it, either making the decision in our mind or actually doing it, that’s when it becomes sin. That’s why the idea in verse 15 about temptation giving birth to sin is so true. If we latch on to the temptation and nourish it and feed it, it will eventually lead us to sin. We must be diligent to protect ourselves and our minds from temptations and lusts. We must not feed them and allow them to grow. How are we addressing temptations?