Christian Devotional – January 23, 2020

Day 23 – Give it all back. Read Nehemiah 5:7-11.

I consulted with myself and contended with the nobles and the rulers and said to them, “You are exacting usury, each from his brother!” Therefore, I held a great assembly against them. I said to them, “We according to our ability have redeemed our Jewish brothers who were sold to the nations; now would you even sell your brothers that they may be sold to us?” Then they were silent and could not find a word to say. Again I said, “The thing which you are doing is not good; should you not walk in the fear of our God because of the reproach of the nations, our enemies? And likewise I, my brothers and my servants are lending them money and grain. Please, let us leave off this usury. Please, give back to them this very day their fields, their vineyards, their olive groves and their houses, also the hundredth part of the money and of the grain, the new wine and the oil that you are exacting from them.”
Nehemiah 5:7‭-‬11 NASB

When Nehemiah found out what they were doing, he called a great big meeting of everyone. While there, his recommendation was very simple. Stop. Stop doing what you are doing. And then, give it all back. Not only did he want the people to stop doing what they were doing and taking money and land from the people, but they needed to make it right from what they had already done.

When we find areas of our lives that are not in line with what God would have us to do, we are to stop. Immediately. But, we are also to identify if there is a way that we can go back and make it right. What areas of our hearts do we need to repent in today? How can we go back and make it right if possible?

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