Christian Devotional – July 26, 2021

The Gospels through the Summer, Day 60

How do we deal with what is most important to us? Read Luke 16.

Much of this chapter discusses the way in which we view and use money. This story at the end of the chapter also is a reflection of what is most important to someone. Only after death did the rich man recognize that following God and being obedient to him was most important and now he’s desperate to pass that information on to his family. However, in this life, so many people already have so many things that are pointing them to God that if they don’t believe those things, why would they believe anything else.

Do we recognize the signs of God around us? Do we see God moving and working and pointing us in the right direction? If we are not going to believe Him in the areas that God has already given, why should he bother giving us anything more or anything bigger? God is not obliged to prove himself to us. We either believe in him based on the information that we have, or we don’t.

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