Christian Devotional – July 28, 2014

Read 1 John chapter 5


1 John 5:3–In fact, this is love for God: to keep his commands. And his commands are not burdensome.


What does it mean to love God? What does that look like? We show God that we love Him by obeying Him. Obedience is an act of love. God didn’t make it so that showing our love for Him would be drudgery or would be considered a noose around our necks; instead, God showed us that His commands come from His love and are easy to do when we are allowing Him to live and love through us. Are we joyfully showing God we love Him today?


Father, I will show You that I love You. Because of You, I am able to live in Your love and keep the commands that You have given. You command that I walk in love, so I will walk in You today as You live Your love through me.

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