Christian Devotional – July 3, 2021

The Gospels through the Summer, Day 37

Are you striving to be last? Read Mark 9. As Jesus continues his ministry, he starts by sharing so many amazing truths with his disciples and helping them to gain a glimpse of who he truly is. Then he makes this incredible and odd statement. We should be striving to be last.

When it comes to understanding what success is and how we can be successful, Jesus explains that the first will be last and those who really desire to be ahead are the ones who should be serving above all. Are we seeking to be a servant leader question where do we strive to put others ahead of ourselves and to ensure that success is had by everyone, not just ourselves. Jesus is the true model of what servant leadership really looks like and he understands that she militie and patients are keys to making people only a disciples of Christ. Are we be more like Christ everyday?

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