Christian Devotional – July 3, 2024

Full Faith, Day 17

“Did he mention me?” Read Colossians 4:10-18.

As we come to the end of this book, we read all of Paul’s acknowledgments. He has so many people to thank and so many people to encourage, and I can just imagine the excitement of people wondering whether or not Paul would mention them by name.

As we read this list, most people are encouraged and thanked. Then when it comes to Archippus, he is reminded that he needs to complete the work that he’s been given to do. I’m really looking forward to meeting him in heaven and asking him if he got it done.

God has purpose for each one of us. Are we doing the work that God has us doing? We will be accountable to Him for all that he has given us to do. We need to have full faith in Him and get busy acting out that purpose. Like Archippus, complete the work.