Christian Devotional – July 5, 2021

The Gospels through the Summer, Day 39

How do we use God’s house? Read Mark 11.

As Jesus is entering Jerusalem, triumphantly, we see that he calls out all those people who are using the temple and that area for their own personal gain and profit. Jesus makes the statement that his house will be called a house of prayer.

When we think about God’s house, how we using God’s house? Is it simply a place that we get together with friends? Is it a place of healing? Is it a place to socialize? Or is it a place of prayer?

Also, because Christ lives in us, we are his temple, so how are we focusing ourselves? Are we a person or a house of prayer? It can be easy to get focused on so many other things but yet we must take the time to truly seek God in prayer because that is only where the power is. That is where our focus must be.

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