Christian Devotional – June 17, 2022

The One Jesus Loved, Day 12

God loved us with a purpose. Read 1 John 4:7-12.

In today’s culture and society we talk a lot about love. We explain what love is and we define how we think love should look. Sometimes that includes trying to define what God’s love looks like. However, John clearly spells out God’s love for us. John knows how God loves because he has seen it first hand and experienced it himself.

God loves in such a way to bring change and redemption. God loves people so much that he doesn’t allow them to stay the same and continue in sin. God loves people so much that he pulls them out of sin and sent his son that we might live through him. God’s love is revealed to each of us through the person of Jesus Christ. His sacrifice on the cross made the way for us to experience the true love of God.

If we are impacted by God’s love in our life, we will not stay the same. God’s love allows us the opportunity to become more like him. Are we becoming more like him through Christ’s love every day?

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