Christian Devotional – June 26, 2021

The Gospels through the Summer, Day 30

Do something. Read Mark 2.

As we continue in next chapter of the book of Mark, we see that Jesus is busy doing things. Jesus is meeting with people, and Jesus is impacting the lives of these people. They would have these verses where we see Jesus tell a paralyzed man to take his mat and walk.

We can say that we believe in Jesus. We can tell others of our faith and all that we are doing. However, it only becomes real when we actually do something in response to our faith and our beliefs. Do we actually believe it enough to live our life based upon it? Do we actually hold to it even when what’s around us doesn’t make sense? That’s what Jesus is asking of these people in this chapter. That’s what Jesus is asking of us. Are we doing what we say we believe? We believe that Jesus will move in our life, but are we acting like he already has?

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